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The Evangelism Network is all about winning souls. Go  ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. “Mark  16:15” Jesus gave that commission to the church. We are obeying that  order and that is how the Evangelism Network was started. Evangelism  Network is a powerful network to bring about change.  If you are  an Evangelist sitting in the pews this network is for you. If you would  like to be trained in ministry or already in ministry this network is  waiting for you. Our goal dream and vision is to network, raise up and  send Evangelist and ministry gifts to the four corners of the earth.  Jesus  said the harvest is truly ripe but the labourers are few.  Our prayer  is for those who are called into this ministry to hear from God and for  them to walk in obedience. Evangelist play an important role in the Body  of Christ. Paul told Timothy to do the work of an Evangelist.  Pastors  need help in winning their cities for Christ. The Evangelist is called  by God to preach the gospel with signs following.  The Evangelist  ministry is focused on soul winning and healing the sick. Our Network of  Evangelist can transform your city for Christ.   Meet our Evangelists by visiting our Evangelism Team Roster. At  Evangelism Network we help Evangelist and Ministers to preach the  gospel.  If you need an Evangelist or Minister to preach at your church or function  feel free to contact us. 647 642-2927 / 905 239-2052 or send us an  email:phillewis@yahoo.com


Soul Winning Workshops For Churches

Phil Lewis is training believers how to win Souls. In so doing our churches will experience tremendous growth and win their cities for Christ.

We are making every Believer a Soul Winner!


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WITH YOUR HELP WE CAN EVANGELIZE THE WORLD Your support, prayers and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and win souls for Christ. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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