Rev. Phil Lewis offers Pastors, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders an opportunity to develop a powerful network that will allow them to succeed in every area of life.  At our powerful International Pastors and Leadership Conference. Phil Lewis will motivate, encourage and teach you how to maximize your God-given gifts, talents, and abilities.  Your life will never be the same, and that is why you need to attend these life-changing conferences and events. The wealth of knowledge Phil Lewis offers his audiences is invaluable. Phil Believes that your Net Worth is determined by your Network.

At an early age, Phil Lewis mastered the art of communicating.  In one month Phil was able to lead 60 people to the Lord and experienced God’s manifold blessings.  What would happen if every church member was able to win 60 people to the lord in one month? It is possible!

Phil Lewis is a British born former champion Bodybuilder winning numerous titles Mr. Toronto, Mr. Ontario and Mr. New York.  He is an Ordained Minister, Bible School Teacher, Motivational Speaker, Personal Trainer, Life Coach, and Business Consultant. Phil teaches people how to find their purpose in life.  As a Motivational Speaker, he helps companies to grow by showing them how to increase their business sales.  Phil has well over 25 years of business-planning and sales experience.  Phil Lewis started the first Walmart car cleaning shop in Canada.  Some of his clients included Walmart, Canadian Tire, Cineplex Odeon, Firestone, Toronto Hydro and General Motors. He has the ability to influence the influential.  Phil believes in helping you to tap into your full potential. He has spoken to over 100,000 people, winning also a Positive Impact Award in the city of Toronto, Canada. As a personal trainer and life coach, some of his clients include the rich and famous.

“Our vision is to help 1000 people become multi-millionaires by networking.” We believe in having Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding. Wisdom is defined as taking action with the knowledge that you know.  It is knowing how to apply it properly. If you lack knowledge it will be very difficult for things to work for you. Some of his other ventures include Phil Lewis WE Network,  ABusinessNetwork.Ca, EvangelismNetwork.Ca, ChangeYourLifeForever.Ca, Television Programs (The Dyonne Lewis Show, Joy and Strength Today) and WeNetworkSports.Ca. The Different Networks will help you to know the importance of Understanding.

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.  Proverbs 4:7

When you understand what makes people tick and study their needs, you will definitely have a successful Ministry, Business and Life.

Soul Winning Workshops For Churches

Phil Lewis is training believers how to win Souls. In so doing our churches will experience tremendous growth and win their cities for Christ.
We are making every Believer a Soul Winner!

Phil Lewis